Yellow Willow Invisible Active Undies: Yogini-Bikini


Let’s face it. No one really wants to think about their undies. That’s why we designed ‘set and forget’ undies so comfortable and invisible, you may as well not be wearing any at all. (Oh, and they keep your lady region healthy and happy too!)

Designed for movement and sweat, crafted from materials that work with your body during exercise
Flexible material seamlessly moves with your body as it changes shape
Keeps your intimates dry where it matters: Quick-dry, wicking away any moisture (preventing moisture being trapped which can lead to bacterial infections). A superfine natural cotton layer is moisture-absorbent while letting your downstairs breathe, serving as a protective barrier between your skin and any harmful moisture
Material composition: Nylon and Spandex blend. Superfine cotton inner layer.


Treat with care: Cold machine wash with friendly detergent. Wash like colors together. Hang out to dry. Do not bleach or iron.