• Viking Toys Jumbo Fire truck

Viking Toys Jumbo Fire truck



Fun toy fire truck: Jumbo Fire Truck is a tough toy fire truck in construction colors, black and yellow. With its rough wheels and durable height-adjustable ladder this fire truck is more than ready to make the children heroes over and over in the play.Fine motor skills: In the play when this kid-powered they have a lot of fun but when they drive the truck and place the ladder in correct position, they develop their fine motor skills.Exploratory play: With the fire truck, the children do not just explore how high the ladder can reach. They also step into the role of firefighters and explore the profession in their own way. The children can take turns pretending to be the Fireman who drives the truck or the one who climbs up the ladder. The children learn to interact and communicate with each other, which develops the children's language and social skills. Get the kids ready for a rescue mission!Spurs imagination: The toy fire truck´s simple design spurs children’s imagination. Because it’s the children that decide what the fire truck can do.Both indoors and outdoors: Play with the fire truck and set up a rescue story in your child room, in the bed, on the beach and in the sandbox. When the play moves inside, just dish the truck in the dishwasher.