• Piatnik Samba/Canasta/Bolivia Playing Cards

Piatnik Samba/Canasta/Bolivia Playing Cards



Piatnik Samba/Canasta/Bolivia With Points Playing Cards

The Piatnik Samba Canasta set is ideal for both novices and experienced players alike. This set is proudly manufactured by the renowned Piatnik of Austria - makers of fine quality playing cards since 1824, containing three full decks of cards with 2 jokers in each deck and rules, and also features value points on each card.

Play is of central significance for humans. Play is part of the fundamental essence of our being; teaching through play is the most effective way of learning and accompanies us from a very early age. Piatnik produce games and playing cards in order to promote joy and communication between people. It is their central objective to spread the enjoyment and pleasure of games to millions of people. You can now buy Piatnik Games & Puzzles online at Velogear at the Lowest Prices!