• Meccano Gow Silverback

Meccano Gow Silverback



Meccano Gow Silverback

Damon Baird found the Silverback ! Suit up this powerful exoskeleton and prepare for a battle against the Locusts! Includes : A storage bay, a barrel and a silverback to build 1 figure with 5 weapons : Damon Baird with a lancer, a gnasher shotgun, a retro lancer, a longshot sniper riffle and a sawed off shotgun! Stickers, tools and building instructions! 60+ parts.

Meccano has built a strong legacy as one of the oldest construction systems in the world. Meccano aim to inspire builders around the world to bring their imaginations to life. From basic building to high‐tech robotics programming, Meccano offers something for everyone.