• Maxxis Ultralight  26" Tube FV

Maxxis Ultralight 26" Tube FV



Maxxis 26" Ultralight Tube FV

Bike tube will suit tyres from size 26x1.90 up to size 26x2.25.

At 0.60mm thin, these inner tubes are one of the lightest bulky tubes known to mankind. 


  • Size: 26 x 1.9/2.125
  • 0.60 mm thick walls
  • Weight: 126 grams each
  • 48mm Presta/French Valve (FV)

Avoiding pinch flats:

Putting too much air into a tube without making sure it's seated properly in the tyre can cause a part of the tube to get pressed against the edge of the tyre. When the air pressure reaches near maximum, that pressure on the tube can actually cause the tyre to cut the tube's rubber, resulting in a "pinch flat." That's why you should put in about 20 pounds of air and then "massage" the tyre (to help seat the tube in the tyre and the tyre on the rim) before you fill it to the brim.