Leisure Learning Bouta Face 'Display' (16 decks)



Bouta Face is an all new matching memory Card Game (It is About a Face).

The object of 'Bouta Face is simple-win the most cards. Players win cards by correctly matching a face shown in a special row of cards in front of an opponent called the "match row."

The catch: the matcher can use only face down images from their own match row to make a successful match.

The challenge: remembering a single card placed face down in a match row may prove a breeze for some, but game play intensifies as players try to keep track of two, six or more hidden match row faces over multiple rounds of play.

 'Bouta Face challenges players to devise a variety of strategies that will help them correctly anticipate cards their opponents will discard into their match row, while simultaneously recalling all the faces hidden in their own match row.

The deck is comprised of 55 unique cards that feature 11 distinct images - one on each side of each card. There are no fronts, no backs, no number, no suits.

The game is easy to learn, and hugely entertaining, unlike any card game you have ever played.

Recommended for ages 10 to 137 years, 2 to 4 players.

Packaging may vary.

This display set consists of 16 decks.