Kids Trampoline

Kids Trampoline - 140cm

Create some fun in your backyard.

Suitable from around age 2 (once your child is confidently walking).


  • Steel pipe material: steel pipe
  • Fabric material: PP cloth
  • Mesh material: EPE material
  • Max Load Bearing: 200kg
  • Overall Height: 122cm 
  • Diameter: 140cm 
  • Mesh Height: 88cm
  • Heavy-duty rust-resistant galvanized steel frame for extra safety and stability
  • Netting with zipper enclosure for long-lasting quality and extra safety
  • Padded spring cover adds additional safety and helps prevent contact with springs
  • Requires home assembly

1. Please install trampoline in a dry, clean and open environment
2. If it is not used correctly, the bed is dangerous and harmful
3. Please be sure to use it on flat ground, otherwise the trampoline will be displaced in the use process
4. If the main frame connection is displaced, the welding area of the main frame will also be damaged
5. Only for 3 children maximum
6. Please wear socks on the trampoline
7. Do not wear shoes on a trampoline
8. Do not wear glasses, jewellery, watches and other hard objects on the trampoline
9. Please bounce in the middle of the trampoline
10. Please try to avoid touching the fabric first with your knees to avoid injury.
11. Do not turn the heel on the trampoline. It will cause serious injury.
12. During the use of the trampoline, do not get others to go under the trampoline or sit, stand and lie on the trampoline cover.
13. Do not use the trampoline alone, guardians must be present
14. Ensure that there are no obstacles within the safe distance of the trampoline. Two meters around the trampoline and three meters above the trampoline.
15. Do not use a trampoline in a humid and windy environment
16. If you have heart disease, pacemaker users, pregnant women, disabled people, elderly people do not use

Please always supervise your child when handling any small parts and when using this trampoline.


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