• Kids Fun Monopoly - The Block

Kids Fun Monopoly - The Block



The Block - Australia's favourite reality show has joined forces with Imagination Gaming to create this new, limited edition of the world's favourite family game! MONOPOLY has a long history of bringing families together to enjoy hours of fun, and now Australian families can bring their love of The Block to this very special edition, with THE BLOCK host and fan favorite Scott Cam inspired by Mr. MONOPOLY, the character known all over the world. Block fans will love MONOPOLY - The Block Special Edition, with its customised Block-themed tokens, Community and Chance cards. All 14 seasons of The Block properties are featured on the board game - with Dux House in Albert Park taking the sought-after famous Mayfair tile. Just make sure the foreman doesn't fine you for building defects or let noise complaints set you back. With a roll of the dice and a trip to pass GO, owning a slice of The Block real estate has never been easier.