• Hi Glide Wax 200g

Hi Glide Wax 200g



Hi Glide Wax 200g

A ski or snowboard base doesn't glide directly on the snow, but on the water droplets created by heat due the the running friction between the base and the snow. Flouro wax repels water at a greater rate than non-flouro wax, thus the ski or board moves faster across the snow.

Hi Glide Fluoro wax is perfect for typical Australian snow.

Only apply flouro wax in well ventilated rooms.Vola Brand made in France.Hot waxing is the best best way to keep your bases waxed and in top conditiion. A regularly waxed board or skis;* are easier to turn* glide smoother and faster* and last longerWaxing InstructionsBefore waxing clean the base with a brass brush.Apply some droplets of wax along the entire base.Use the iron to spread the wax uniformly across the ski. Do not overheat the wax or the base. Especially with flouro wax as overheating will release some of the flourocarbons.Wax the skis in a not too cold room with good ventilation. The wax need some time to absorb into the base - leave for a couple of hours.Scrape the wax from the edges and the base.Brush out with a brass brush.For a finer polish do a final brush with a plastic or horsehair brush. On new skis or boards it is important to hot wax clean your base before you use it. Either use cleaning wax or universal wax and scrap off while the wax is still warm, repeat several times. The finalize with a final wax as above. You will not believe the difference this will make to your base!!FAQ

Q. How good is this brand?
A. The 2006 Winter Olympics Downhill Race was won on Vola Wax!!
Q. I do not race, why bother using wax?
A. Waxing protects the base and gives it a longer life. Apart from making the base run faster and smoother it also make your snowboard or ski turn easier.
Q. Is a hot wax better than liquid wax?
A. A hot wax penetrates deeply into the base and the more you hot wax the faster and better your base become. A liquid wax does not penetrate as deeply, but is simpler to apply and perfect for a days riding.