Gusset Half Link Bike Chains - 3/32" - 4 Colours - CLEARANCE



 Gusset Half Link Chain

Those needing an ultra smooth, ultra dependable coloured chain for single speed, cross, BMX or track duties should look no further.

Hardened, heat treaded steel construction with narrower 3/32 widths, the half links enables the creation of a magic gear-perfect chain tension without tensioning devices intruding on a single speeder’s clean lines. High quality chrome plating and square riveted links translate into a breaking strength of approximately 1.3 tonnes, compared to a standard chain .85 tonnes.

Turning the cranks rewards the rider with a phenomenally rigid and serenely quiet drivetrain. Sprinting is rewarded with explosive power and trickling through the streets sees speed easily controlled by holding off against the cranks.

  • 96 links
  • heat treated, Nickel plated
  • colours silver, blue, purple, red and green