• GUP Tube Repair Sealant - CLEARANCE

GUP Tube Repair Sealant - CLEARANCE



Bike Tube Sealant - GUP

Price is per can.

Note Best by date has expired but we have tested several cans and they are still doing their job perfectly.

Repairs punctures and helps prevent more occurring! 

Repair On The Go: If you get a puncture simply fill the contents of the can into your tyre. Add some air if neccessary. The foam seals the puncture and also then helps prevent future punctures.  

Prevention: Alternatively you can prefill your tube with this foam sealant to help prevent future punctures


  • Repair effective on up to 6mm perforation.
  • Adds air and sealant (may need top up with pump)
  • Works on standard or tubeless tyres.
  • Presta valve tubes

 Enough pressure to seat a tubeless tire onto a rim; an enduro racers dream come true.  For use with presta valves.  Fills a 29 x 2.4 MTB tire up to about 29psi.

125ml canister of GÜP with yellow speed adapter for presta valves
Weight:  4.3 ounces / 122 grams