• CO2 Inflator & 2 Cylinders - CLEARANCE
  • CO2 Inflator & 2 Cylinders - CLEARANCE

CO2 Inflator & 2 Cylinders - CLEARANCE



CO2 Inflator & 2 CO2 Cylinders

Co2 Inflator complete with 2 x 16g threaded disposable CO2 cartridges.

  • Suitable for both valve styles - car type and presta
  • Note actual colour of cylinders or regulator may differ from image

Fix a Tyre in Nothing Flat
Even the best mini cycle pumps take forever, but in an instant a CO2 cylinder can deliver more than enough air to get you home. A 16g CO2 cartridge will put about 40 psi in a mountain bike tyre and about 125 psi in a standard road tyre. And they're small -- about one-sixth the size of a frame pump.

Cartridge systems come in two pieces: a regulator and a replaceable C02 cartridge. 

TIP: Consider practicing using cartridges a couple of times before you road test your new system; using CO2 cartridges can be a little tricky at first.

Avoiding Pinch Flats

Putting too much air into a tube without making sure it's seated properly in the tire can cause a part of the tube to get pressed against the edge of the tyre. When the air pressure reaches near maximum, that pressure on the tube can actually cause the tyre to cut the tube's rubber, resulting in a "pinch flat." That's why you should put in about 20 pounds of air and then "massage" the tyre (to help seat the tube in the tyre and the tyre on the rim) before you fill it to the brim.

CO2 bike cartridges are not always easy to control, even when the adapter can turn the air on and off, so it's a good idea to keep your pump with you. Use the pump for the first push of air, massage the tyre, and top the tube off with the cartridge.