• Buki Fairies Fun - Large

Buki Fairies Fun - Large



Buki Fairies - Fairies Fun , Dot to Dot , Mazes and more...

A selection of fun time favourites

Maze - Show the raindrops how to reach the flowers

Dot to Dot 1 to 100 - Connect the dots in order ( 1,2,3 etc)

Tell the Difference - Each drawing contains details that differ from the other three. Find and mark the details which differentiate each of the drawings. The total number of different details per page is 8.

Challenging Flower Maze - Follow the intertwining paths to find the one with the most flowers after the fairy has picked flowers for her posy, and mark it with the right flower .

From Big to Small - Find and circle five items in the drawings that were increased in size using the magnefying glass.

Age : 6 and up