Blue Orange Games Wilson and Shep



Blue Orange Games Wilson and Shep

Wilson & Shep is a semi-cooperative, one-against-all game where one player is Wilson the mischievous wolf, who hides amongst the flock of sheep, while the rest of the players work together as Shep, the vigilant sheepdog, to find where Wilson is hiding. Each turn, Wilson swaps 2 tiles, trying to confuse the other players about his location, and Shep flips a tile, trying to figure out where Wilson is hiding. Shep only has 8 turns to find Wilson! Who will win at hide and sneak?

2-5 players
Ages 6+


  • 1 Sheepdog token
  • 17 tiles (16 Sheep tiles and 1 Wolf tile)
  • 20 Bone Reward tokens
  • Illustrated Rules