• Biolite Baselantern

Biolite Baselantern




Big Light, Shareable Energy & Smarter ControlThe BioLite BaseLantern is the world s first flatpack lantern that combines breakthrough edge-lighting with Bluetooth connectivityto bring you a portable lighting solution that doubles as your own miniature smartgrid. No bigger than the sandwich you packin your lunch, the BaseLantern can light large group settings, charge phones and other devices, and offer powerful real-timeanalytics so you get the most from your off-grid energy

Product Details

Weight BL: 587 g BL XL: 653 g
Dimensions 129 x 127 x 44 mm
USB Output USB x2 SiteLight port x2
Burn Time BL: 54 LO / 5 HI BL XL: 78 LO / 7.5 HI
Battery BL: 7800 mAh BL XL: 12000 mAh
Inputs/Outputs Micro USB
Max Lumens 500 Lm
Bluetooth App Compatible with Android and iOS
Water Resistance IPX4