• 2XU Girls Compression 1/2 Shorts - 2 Colours

2XU Girls Compression 1/2 Shorts - 2 Colours


2XU Girls Compression 1/2 Shorts - 2 Colours

Highly breathable and lightweight, the 2XU Compression 1/2 Shorts are designed to increase power, reduce fatigue and reduce soreness. Suitable to wear alone or under training and competition gear to reduce chafing and support muscles.

The 2XU Compression 1/2 Shorts are a discreet base layer short which can be worn under uniforms and competition gear. Breathable and lightweight with powerful muscle support. A popular body firming piece idea for use under shorts or skirts during training or competition.

Graduated compression engineered to promote maximum blood flow
Faster pre-exercise muscle warm up
Reduced fatigue through less muscle oscillation
Reduced muscle soreness
Reduced long-term overuse injuries
Greater power output
Heightened proprioception and awareness of limb placement for agility


2XU is an Australian corporation engaged in the design, development and selling of sporting apparel including compression garments, triathlon, cycle, running, open water swimming and general fitness wear

2XU’s mission is to advance human performance through the development of world leading athletic garments. Their range caters to Men & Women and includes compression shorts, tights, tops, compression sleeves and socks. 2XU compression clothing covers all sports including cycling, running, triathlon and cross training.