Mineralize Active Powder Foundation


Mineralize Active Powder FoundationKey Features and Benefits Assists with Acne, Rosacea + Psoriasis Buildable Sheer to Full coverage Cruelty-free testing 100% Vegan Friendly Doesn't clog your pores Made For Sweat 100% Natural Ingredients 100% Australian Owned 100% Australian Made Free from Talc Free from parabens Free from Nasties Anti-inflammatory properties Anti-aging benefits Anti-bacterial properties Water-resistant Natural, lightweight SPF15+ Hydrating benefits Hypoallergenic Transfer-resistant No artificial preservatives Promotes cell regeneration and oxygenation Reflects light to give the skin a natural, radiant glow The list could go on forever, but i'll stop here.

Ever been to the gym, or a long day at work, or both and realized your face has fallen off some time during the day?

When did this happen? How did this happen? Who saw me? Noooooooo!!

Or, ever surfaced from a long nights slumber to go exercise, dragged yourself to the bathroom then realized you look like $h@#, and walked straight back to bed?

Or even just felt the guilt of using products are full of nasties, and test on animals, and are causing you to break-out and damaging your skin?

Ok, same, a million times. But not any more!Just imagine...

if you could wear a 100% Natural foundation that was also a concealer, and it had an all natural SPF 15+, with anti-aging benefits, was hypoallergenic, and made from natural, vegan AND cruelty free ingredients!

Not only that, just imagine if it was Made For Sweat, water-resistant, it could help improve your skin condition while you wear it, it doesn't clog your pores, and it was also 100% Australian manufactured, owned and operated!

Well, imagine no more, we have created it for you.Let me introduce you to the Fitcover® Australia Mineralize Active Foundation.

Virtually weightless, this pure ‘second skin’ micronised mineral formula allows the skin to breathe whilst shielding against age aggressors.

It is free of fillers and pore clogging ingredients, it is hypo-allergenic and it also contains Olive Squalene for its potent anti-aging benefits - "natures own face lift".

Micro diffusers diminish fine lines and wrinkles, to give you a flawless finish.

Its in built concealing technology will adjust any unwanted undertones from the skin to correct all complexions.

A foundation, concealer, powder and chemical free SPF 15+ all in one silky powder.

Fitcover® Australia Mineral Powder Foundation provides a naturally water resistant coverage that won’t move or crease and is ultra gentleOhh, and we are treating your skin like our own!

We aren't taking any risks, not one, nada.

A lot of other brands out there use Talc as an additive to make it go further.

Talc can contain asbestos which is linked to cancer.

We aren't taking any risks in creating our products, and nor should you when using them.

We are proud as punch to state that we are 100% Talc-Free!We all like to get active underneath the summer sun, and we want to protect you at the same time.

We use an all natural SPF15+ in the form of Zinc Oxide which is a natural mineral which provides the safest and most effective protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Our foundation has so many other benefits, it can help soften and smooth your skin, it has natural skin hydration, it's an anti-inflammatory, has anti-aging benefits, AND doesn't clog your pores.

This is all thanks to the help the amazing Olive Squalene! Olive Squalene is a plant active which moisturizes without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue behind.

It also acts as a second layer of UV barrier... thank you Olive Squalene!

Amazing contouring and coverage.

Our little fried Mica is yet another safe, natural mineral, which also helps to create that healthy glow, while it aids in giving the foundation its' pigment and great coverage.

Your Order Contains: 1x 10g jar of your favourite shade 3x 1g samples to shade match prior to opening your main jar 3 total, the shade you chose, one lighter and one darker If Lift (Lightest shade) is ordered, you will get Lift, Naked and Embrace

If Strength (Our current Darkest shade) is ordered, you will get Nourish, Inspired and Strength In order from LIGHTEST (1) to DARKEST (8):1) LIFT Lift has light yellow undertones for fair skin tones2) NAKED Naked has cool pink undertones for light to medium skin tones3) EMBRACE Embrace has yellow undertones for medium skin tones4) ACTIVATE Activate has neutral yellow undertones for medium skin tones5) TONED Toned has warm yellow undertones for medium to tan skin tones6) NOURISH Nourish has warm yellow undertones for tan skin tones7) INSPIRED Inspired has warm yellow undertones for tan to deep skin tones8) STRENGTH Strength has muted chocolate undertones for deep to dark skin tones