• Yellow Willow Yoga Towel: Marrakech

Yellow Willow Yoga Towel: Marrakech


If you sweat during Pilates or yoga, chances are you have had to *deal with an annoying sweat towel.

*Deal with = bunching, moving, sliding on, etc.

It’s extremely distracting, which is why we designed this non-slip yoga towel to help make your workout or yoga session as distraction-free as possible.

This yoga mat-sized towel goes on top of your yoga mat, with its non-slip rubber side down to keep it stable on the yoga mat.
The towel has super-grip on the top surface, which helps to keep your poses solid and deep.
This lightweight beauty can also double as a travel yoga mat, or an on-the-go yoga mat to put on top of the studio-provided yoga mats.

•Doubles as a lightweight travel yoga mat
•Suitable for all types of yoga and Pilates
•Super absorbent surface
•An extra layer of non-slip grip
•Folds up to fit in your handbag
•Super lightweight
•High-density materials that support joint stability
•Non-slip underside to prevent slipping on your yoga mat
•Eco-friendly and sustainable
•Biodegradable and recyclable
•No harsh chemicals, PVC or latex. 100% non-toxic
•Machine washable


Treat with care: Cold machine wash with friendly detergent. Wash like colors together. Hang out to dry. Do not bleach or iron.


We recommend machine washing towels and yoga mats a couple of times a year to maintain freshness. In between machine washes, just spray with a cleaning solution and wipe down with a cloth or sponge. We recommend a natural cleaner such as a few drops of eucalyptus oil in water.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: For yoga mats, towels and totes put the item on a gentle cycle on its own with a little bit of washing powder.

Hang out to dry. Its better for the item and the environment.